The Maine Charitable Mechanic Association hosts an annual gala to note the contributions of notable Maine mechanics. Annual awards include:

Scrappy Grit

Provided to a deserving mechanic nominated by their peers for recognition of a user-centric iterative process that created real results for their community.


Daring and Undaunted

Earned by youth (under 18) who have used their skills to solve a problem in a Maine community. Their contributions are judged from a video essay that asks them to describe why their innovation, art or invention matters.


Nathaniel Mitchel Award

Awarded to a mechanic between the age of 16-21 who demonstrates exemplary leadership in addressing a societal problem and enriching their community.



Awardees are nominated based on their notable results in providing a needed innovation in an industry niche. (Historic silver medals were traditionally awarded to apprentices for excellence of work in Cabinet work, Harness work, Goldsmithing, Tailoring, Brassfoundering, Blacksmithing, Shoemaking.).


An award given to a team. It is an opportunity to recognize cross-disciplinary work and the importance of collaboration among different disciplines, vocabularies and values.



For any Maine Mechanic which embraced the multicultural heritage of Maine in their solution to a community problem



An award given to an expert mechanic for their impact on Maine. Years of skilled craft and service are awarded with recognition by their peers. This metal is engraved with the words “”Full of years and satisfied.” Per the epitaph on member’s 1882 Daniel Furbush grave.



For an invention with scalable impact and sharable design that has been copylefted and shared on MCMA’s youtube page.

Thematic awards vary from year-to-year and are named in conjunction with the annual nominations.  Awards include: financial support, library gallery space, the golden spud, newsletter feature, and an annual talk etc.

Nominate a Deserving Mechanic

Recipients of past awards include:

List by year (because types of awards and names may change)