Story of Mechanics’ Hall

Strategic Plan

In March of 2014, the Mechanics’ Hall board, then called the board of the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association, agreed to create and solicit members for the Long Range Planning Committee. The Committee included the full eight person board plus eight community members. The purpose of the Committee was to:

  • learn about the MCMA, its history and current activities,
  • to take in all the information gathered by the interns and shared by members,
  • to bring to bear their own experience in the community, with nonprofit organizations, with preservation and history and
  • to suggest a mission, vision and goals for MCMA that would make the organization useful, active, sustainable and valuable to the community in the 21st century.


The strategic plan was extended through a series of meetings undertaken by the enlarged board in early 2016 to determine goals for the organization and assign champions for each one. The strategic plan is currently being implemented with respect to growing our organizational programming under the new organizational name “Mechanics’ Hall” (changed in 2019), continuing restorations on the hall, as well as historical research, archival projects, and updating our library mission and collection. To become involved or offer financial support with any of these efforts, please contact us at

MCMA Historic Timeline

MCMA Historic Timeline
July 28

Silk banners

1841 Silk banners are created for a triennial festival, where “literary exercises have been enlived by music, toasts, and the pleasures of the table” and used for numerous July 4th celebrations.
July 28

Temperance policy

Temperance policy
1829 MCMA adopts a temperance policy under influence of member Neal Dow
July 28

1st MCMA Exhibition

1826 1st MCMA Exhibition of objects by skilled tradesmen
July 28

Maine becomes a state

1820 Maine becomes a state, lectures are held and MCMA library established for apprentices
July 28

MCMA founded

1815 MCMA founded to aid recovery from harsh economic times

Want to learn more about the silk banners?  The trades banners are now part of the Maine Historical Society collection. An online exhibit can be viewed on their website.

Online Exhibit