Community Health Update

Keeping our members and visitors healthy is a top priority, therefore, effective immediately, Mechanics’ Hall and Mechanics’ Hall Library are closed to the public. For the moment, we are postponing all author readings, book clubs, craft club, game nights, lectures and any other public gatherings. This includes Portland Swing Project classes, 240 Strings concerts, Print: A Bookstore programs, our Mechanics of the Built Environment series with Portland Society for Architecture as well as Makers at the Hall. If it meets at the hall – it is postponed.

Read the full letter from the Office of the Executive Director here, but please take note that our original “closed until April 13th” decision has been extended. We will remain closed until the public health crisis is over and we deem it safe to reopen and resume programming. 

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Welcome to Mechanics’ Hall

In 1815, the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association was the fellowship for Portland’s creative community: the blacksmiths, coopers, carpenters, and more.  Between 1857 and 1859, they built Mechanics’ Hall to house their library and become a communal gathering space. Today’s Mechanics’ Hall connects to that rich history by inspiring and enriching the community while promoting ingenuity, creativity, innovation and the diffusion of useful knowledge.

We are the modern mechanics. Join us. 

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