Mechanics’ Hall was founded in 1815 by the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association to support Maine’s creative community: blacksmiths, coopers, artists, innovators, and creators. Between 1857 and 1859, they built Mechanics’ Hall in Portland – a communal gathering space with a lending library at its center. Today, our organization celebrates that rich history through literary arts programs, music, performance, and more while working to restore our landmark building as a rich cultural resource. 


Mechanics’ Hall is committed to the innovative vision of our founders: to make knowledge, ideas, and arts accessible. We engage our community through cultural events, educational programs, and affordable instruction. We are stewards of a landmark building that houses the 8th oldest membership library in the country and a grand ballroom. We continue to guide the historic preservation of the Hall as a place to gather, celebrate, and learn.


Literary arts, music, performance and more: It all happens here at Mechanics’ Hall!

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