Cabinet of Wonder

A celebration of literary arts, music and performance to benefit Mechanics’ Hall

Thursday, March 21 st 6:00 PM

What is Cabinet of Wonder?

Cabinet of Wonder is an immersive and evocative celebration of literary arts, music and performance at Mechanics’ Hall, one of Portland’s oldest and most creative-centered buildings. This special night brings together our vast creative community for an evening of surprise, discovery, and delight to benefit Mechanics’ Hall. In just one evening, and with your help, we hope to reveal everything that’s possible within our walls. We can’t tell you everything, but here’s what you can expect!


Tickets to Cabinet of Wonder 2024 are SOLD OUT!!!

If you would like to be added to the waitlist or have questions about tickets you have already purchased, please email

Please do not call the Mechanics’ Hall office regarding the waitlist or other ticketing questions.


Thanks to Our Committee of Wonder:

Not just a host, The “Committee of Wonder” is a group of dedicated friends of Mechanics’ Hall who are inspired and excited about our work to ensure that Mechanics’ Hall continues to be a valued cultural resource in the heart of Portland’s Art District.

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*as of February 29, 2024
Marvelous Hosts
Rachael & Justin Alfond
Christy Bomba
Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance
Darcy & Matt Poor
Alice & Dick Spencer
Bill & Anne Stauffer
Wonderful Hosts
Aceto Landscape Architects
Constance Bloomfield
Suzette Bois & John M. Schnell
Back Cove Books
Julie & Andrew Butcher
Beba & James Cabot
Portia Clark
Jennie & Chris Coyne
Eva & Halsey Frank
Aron & Lauren Glennon
Seth & Rachael Harkness
Pamela Hawkes & Scott Teas
Pandora & David LaCasse
Allison & Ned Merrick
Jane & Jack Phillips
Kristina Powell & Joe Marro
Harry & Anne Pringle
Print: A Bookstore
Zoe Reich & Paul Margarites
Esi & Stu Rogers
Mac & Sue Rogers
Cliff & Patty Ruprecht
Yemaya & Lucas St. Clair
Desi Van Til & Sean Mewshaw
Nicole Witherbee
Wondrous Hosts
Hilary Bassett
Iris Blasi
Christine Cantwell
Chandra Leister
Marjorie Moore
Mulxiply Collaborative
Sandy Shapiro-Hurt
Amy Tchao

Cabinet of Wonder would not be possible without the generous support of these sponsors:

Clerestory Sponsors

*as of February 15, 2024

Diane Garthwaite

Ballroom Sponsors

*as of February 15, 2024

Library Sponsors

*as of February 15, 2024

In-Kind Sponsors

*as of February 29, 2024

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