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Basic membership benefits include Mechanics’ Hall library use and access to 18 other membership libraries across the country, access to Hall WiFi, free admission to most Mechanics’ Hall sponsored programming, and invitations to members-only events. Becoming a friend to Mechanics’ Hall allows us to upkeep our historic building as an important community space for years to come.

  • Individual

  • $50/mo
    • Participation in a historic organization.
    • Free admission to makers programs & exhibits.
    • Subscription to our bi-annual newsletter.
    • Use of the Mechanics’ Hall library and WiFi.
    • Access to 18 other membership libraries across the U.S.


  • Family

  • $75/mo
    • Individual membership benefits for the entire family.








  • Sustainer

  • $100/mo
    • All benefits of Family level of membership plus 10% off venue rentals.*
    • Joining at the Sustainer level allows us to put more of your membership dues towards the Hall maintenance fund.





  • Student

  • Free/mo
    • Sign-up in our library with valid student ID.