18 Dec Sun. Jan. 19th: Mechanics’ Hall presents: Author & Activist Rick Bass

Sunday, January 19th

Mechanics’ Hall, 519 Congress St.

12:00 – 1:30 PM in the Ballroom



What role does literature play in conversations around environmental justice? Are story and advocacy, art and protest different paths to seeking similar outcomes?  Before he became a writer, Rick Bass was a geologist. His books, short stories, and letters are grounded in scientific knowledge as well as his life in the Yaak valley and a desire to protect some of America’s last areas of remote wilderness. Bass will share the successes and challenges of his work with the Yaak Valley Forest Council and their efforts to save an important population of grizzlies.  He will be joined by moderator Catherine Schmitt as well as Lucas St. Clair of Katahdin Woods & Waters and poet Cate Marvin for a heartfelt and passionate discussion on how the fields of art and advocacy can combine with that of science and conservation to strengthen climate efforts.

MECHANICS’ HALL PRESENTS is a series of conversations, discussions, and readings rooted in the history of our founders, the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association. The association was dedicated to the diffusion of useful knowledge as a means to enlighten, support and educate its members. It was also designed to keep them “out of trouble”. Today, Mechanics’ Hall collaborates with organizations and individuals who share a passion for thoughtful discussion, critical thinking and creative impact. And we’re not opposed to a bit of trouble making.

FREE and public event presented in partnership with Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative and Print: A Bookstore. Elevator access to third floor ballroom.

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