17 Jan Wed. Feb. 5th: Going for It! Talent Show

Wednesday, February 5th

Mechanics’ Hall, 519 Congress St.

7-9 PM in the Ballroom



Going For It serves as an exercise in bravery and community care – a space to play the one song you know on guitar, to try the stand-up act you’ve always wanted to perform, to lead a group in song for the first time or to draw live caricatures because you’ve always wanted to. Performance art? Untangling knots? Consensual/conceptual group participation? Who’s to say! At Going For It, expertise is superfluous and perhaps even discouraged.

For this installment, we’re collaborating with event organizer Devon Kelley-Yurdin. Because Mechanics’ emerged from an organization in the UK during the early 1800s called “The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge” participants are invited to explore this concept (or not). How do you define knowledge? What do you deem useful? How you choose to interpret this concept is entirely up to you!More info about the event and an ever-growing FAQTF (frequently asked questions, thoughts, fears) can be found here. Think you have an idea but want to talk it through or need a pep talk? Other questions? All inquiries can be sent to devon.kelley.yurdin@gmail.com.

Attendees are encouraged to arrive by 7pm and stay until the end (9ish) so that this becomes a group experience.

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